Contracting, public and private sector projects, undertaken by A&A Apostolides, are consistently delivered with the highest standards of construction – on time and on budget, with a dutiful sense of responsibility towards all clients.


Undertaking projects for clients across a range of market sectors and building types, means combining effective management with skilled craftsmanship and balancing quality and aesthetics with sustainable and cost-effective solutions. A&A Apostolides achieves this by aligning the interests, objectives and practices of all team and client members, at the very first stage of the contracting cycle and communicating clearly and transparently throughout every step, in order to secure project success.

Public Corporate

The company is one of the key players in local government bids, successfully delivering a wide range of important public buildings, designed and constructed to serve the needs of various ministries and state departments, across the island. Government projects require a unique set of skills and capabilities with an emphasis on contemporary designs and modern building techniques in order to meet the multi-faceted needs and exceedingly high standards set by the state.

Ministry of Health
Understanding the importance of specialist quality craftsmanship during the process of constructing buildings that will host public medical services, A&A Apostolides is proud to have been entrusted with the contraction of numerous fully functioning healthcare institutions, in an accountable and timely manner.

Ministry of Education
When working with the Ministry of Education, the company is fully immersed in the responsibility that comes with constructing premises that will be used by children on an everyday basis. This means selecting the very best materials throughout all stages, enlisting the very best professionals onsite as well as consistent supervision and quality checks.

The company seeks out and bids on public contracts for the sole purpose of creating buildings that will serve the people of Cyprus in a way that reflects the its values and commitment to quality. Working on highly prestigious projects has given the company the opportunity to further strengthen their promise of professionalism and innovation, as well as secure a leading position in the market.

Private Sector

The company develops creative solutions for a variety or private sector clients, including commercial, industrial and residential projects, with a comprehensive approach to design and construction. Through its extensive experience in construction methodologies, value-based engineering and management, A&A Apostolides ensures consistently high levels of service and quality in all as aspects of operations.